"I am delighted to recommend Ben and his programmes based on the positive experience of my 13 year old son who travelled from Auckland to attend the 13-14 boys’ camp held in Christchurch in January 2022. Spending four days away from home with a fresh group of keen cricketers of a similar age and in the company of experienced and knowledgeable coaches really built on existing understandings of the enjoyment a supportive cricket environment can offer - adding a wider appreciation of the game and what it requires to succeed. On the batting side, the camp has equipped my son with processes and understandings that are already converting to a new confidence and purpose when he goes out to bat. Ben took time to look closely at my son’s bowling action. This included expert individual technical advice that extends to forward-focussed recommendations that can be actioned to improve performance and protect a growing pace bowler from injury. Ben’s knack of putting out new challenges while providing encouragement and reassurance is an ideal balance for a developing cricketer."

Carl Gruebner, Auckland



"Our boys really enjoyed Ben's four day live-in camp experience. The camp provided them with a great balance of intense cricket and skill development, combined with plenty of fun with like minded young cricketers from around New Zealand. Ben runs a great show and his passion, skill and enthusiasm without doubt helps keen young cricketers develop on and off the field."
David H - Parent
"Our 12 year old recently completed the 4 day live-in cricket coaching clinic with Ben and Taylor. While apprehensive prior to the course, he found it absorbing, fun and positively fizzing out the other end. Couldn't shut him up about this new technique, this or that option. Really valuable experience (not just the cricket!) and highly recommend the investment for any parents deciding on whether 4 days immersive cricketing for junior and their kid's friends is worth it. Many thanks to Ben for pulling it all together and the effort to look after and teach the boys for so long."
 Jerry Sharr - Parent

"The summer cricket camp with Ben was lots of fun. I loved how I played, and practiced cricket all day with my mates. I really enjoyed at a young age the opportunity to play on grass. Ben helped me lots with my batting and bowling technique. I left the camp feeling I was a better cricketer and know what I need to work on. Being away from home for 3 nights was great as the facilities and food were really good. It was the highlight of my summer holidays. I can’t wait to do it again."

 Zac Croft – 12 years



“The live-in cricket camp was awesome fun. The staying over part helps everyone get to know each other, after being initially apprehensive about the staying in aspect I really loved it. Having 4 days straight and the evenings with Ben helped build bonds with him and the others on the camp, it helped improve my cricket a lot. If you are coming in with goals (which you should be) you definitely have many opportunities to be able to achieve these over the camp by spending quality time with Ben and his expertise”.
Ollie Young - 14 Years
" My experience at camp was amazing. Overall, the camp was a great learning experience for not just technique but also for the mental side of my game. Such as having full control of myself before every ball by calming myself down with breathing and preball routines. I feel that it improved my game. I would definitely do it again! To wrap it up in words - SOCIAL , MEANINGFUL, ENJOYABLE,  TECHNIQUE IMPROVING!! " 
 Jan-Adriaan van Wyk - 13 years