Technical Assault Coaching Course

Is your cricket mad youngster looking to take their game to new heights? Here is an off season technical coaching opportunity with Ben Williams that you do not want to miss!

Ben has spent the last 20 years in the youth cricket coaching space and has gained a wealth of experience working intensively with some of New Zealand’s premier cricketers when they were youngsters. 

To cater for those on our winter academy waiting list, regular clients wanting to continue working on their skills in Term 2 and others wishing to experience the BWCA Ben will be running a 6 week course focusing solely on developing batting and pace bowling techniques.

Below is a brief outline of what players will receive during their 6 x 1 hour weekly coaching sessions with Ben to ensure your budding cricketer is not riddled with self doubt, analysis paralysis and technical insecurities come the start of the 2023/24 cricket season.

  • 3 x Technical Assessments

  • 1-1 technical coaching including video analysis

  • A tailored pre season training programme

  • Tools to build confidence

  • An end of course report card

The course starts the week of May 21 - 27th (week 5 of Term 2) and runs for the duration of the term.

The coaching sessions will be held at the BWCA which is located at 44 Coleridge Street in Sydenham.

E-mail ben@benwilliamscricketacademy.co.nz for more details